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my style is miticulous-s-s

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one; .......
.Welcome to miticuloustyle, an artwork community maintained by rambaldoch.
I'll mostly post icons so if you wanna keep updated for my work, feel free to friend this community. Also, for more information, please visit my personal profile.
two; .......

.Please remember these few simple rules:
• Don't claim that you've made the graphics and don't edit them too ...
• Save the icons on your own server. Hotlinking is blamed !
• Textless are not bases.
• Then, always give me credit for everything you take.
Aaaand, I loooove comments ♥

three; .......

. Time for credits and links.
• stylesheets ;...layout | profile
• affiliates ;... artismorphine; killtheuniverse.
• resources post is here.
Btw, don"t hesitate to apply for affiliate with the community and feel free to watch/join if you like my stuffs :)